Up and Over Garage Doors


Hörmann up-and-over garage doors are recognised by their superior design and engineering excellence.

From the first time you open and close your Hörmann garage door you will be delighted with its smooth and easy operation. This is due to the advanced technology and design that has been developed through more than 40 years of garage door production at Hörmann. In a quality difficult to match. With a range of appealing styles that comprises of single and double up-and-over doors in steel, timber and GRP. Matching side doors and remote-controlled electric operators add comfort and greater security to the extensive range of garage doors which will suit both traditional and modern properties. Hörmann Series 2000 garage doors are assembled at the new Hörmann factory at Leicester from components sourced from both the continent and the U.K. Secured by design.

Hörmann (UK) Limited are an official sponsor of the “SECURED BY DESIGN” initiative which is administered by Architectural Liaison Officers; serving Police Officers who liaise with architects, manufacturers and builders to advise on every aspect of designing and building a safer, more secure environment for the home.

Series 2000 Up-and-Over garage doors adding style to your home

Series 2000 Up and Over

Retractable and Canopy One Piece Garage Doors

The Hörmann up-and-over one piece garage door comes in two designs, the retractable garage door and the canopy garage door. The canopy door is so called because the bottom portion of the door, when fully opened, creates a convenient canopy extending from the garage opening. The retractable door, as the name suggests, retracts fully into the garage. These doors can be operated manually and automatically.

Hörmann Up-and-Over CANOPY Garage Door


Hörmann Up-and-Over RETRACTABLE Garage Door

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